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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  September 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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you are watchin 9. our big story at nine: lots of lambeau leaps! what a great way to usher in the home opener: packers 34, lions 27. but it got a little too close for comfort! tom pipines kicks off our team coverage
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rodgers at a bad time. not only was he coming off one of his worst games in the loss to the vikings. but he was surly all week...that chip grew back..the results were an awesome first half-enough to hold over the game lions. rodgers and the packers offense looked incredible in the first half. first drive, number 12, fourteen yards to davante adams. 7-0 . aaron matched a career high with 4 td passes before intermission. 2 of em went to jordy nelson. that 17 yarder m had 6 catches and 101 yards-all in the first 2 quarters! but matthews stafford and company outscored 'em 17-3 in the 2nd half. marvin jones, 35 yards 34-27. jones 6 catches, 205 yards and 2 scores! no sam shields, no morgan burnett..that hurt the secondary. but the hosts ran out the clock., eddie lacy, 17 carries, 103 yards. the packers take a 2 and 1 record into the bye.34-27.
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van vooren calls signals for the blitz. "last sunday night, aaron rodgers was erratic, the packers lost. on wednesday, aaron rodgers was defiant. he's gonna get things back together. on sunday afternoon, he proved he was right. four touchdown passes in the first half alone against the lions. i care about winning, and also what it feels like. we need to harness that feeling that we had in the first half and keep doing that stuff. he was himself. that's what he does. he was executing. i think we stayed balanced as an offense. he moved around in the pocket a bit and hit randall to get us going on the first drive. he played well today, he played well. that's what confidence that's what we will see the rest of the season. aaron played well today, he played very well. rodgers once again up over 100 on the passer rating, that stat erased. no turnovers, that stat is in his favor. and on the scoreboard the packers beat the lions, also in his favor. at lambeau field,
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5 key players out on defense... youth was served today. that's tim's story on fox 6 news at 10. mary, ben, see ya then. since the last regular season game in green bay and why today's match -up against the lions was a perfect for any fan coming to lambeau for the first time! fox6's jonathon gregg has more from green bay. whoever penned the phrase 'theres a first time for everything,' '1962..' had to be talking about
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got to get here just to experience the atmosphere and even though ive been a packers fan my whole life its completely different.' because all of this is pretty much mandatory for packers fans. at least it feels that way. 'were working it! ha ha ha ha.' go early go often. 'wow, id have to get out my calculator on that one.' in fact.. 'do you remember your first lambeau game?' some fans struggle 'ahhh...' to remember their first. 'not really.' yet there has to be a 'first time' ''if youre a sports fan youve got to come here because its a bucket list and so far its just how it works.. 'is this your first packers game? ' 'yes it is.' patrek spinelli and his three friends. roadtripped from montreal canada. 'weve been doing that for at least five years. we pick a different city every year and just go for having fun.' 'and tomorrow 16 hour drive home.' first time in green bay, first time tailgating, and maybe the first beer of the day. maybe. '40 years old.' 'it taken you forty years
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it take you so long?' 'its far away! its far away!' 'home openers, little nervous after last weeks loss to the vikings but hoping to turn it around against the lions here at lambeau.' but it makes sense though, for all the first timers to make good on packers opening day. 'reporting in green bay jonathon gregg fox6 news.' you can get much more on the packers big win over the lions later tonight at 10-35 on the fox 6 sports blitz. some breaking news tonight... we've learned g palmer has passed away. the u-s-g-a making that announcement tonight -- but didn't provide any further details. palmer won 62 times on the p-g-a tour -- and is fifth on the all-time wins list. he was the first person to win the masters four times. palmer was 87-years-old. lingering showers and t-storms
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monday with a high in the mid-60s and a strong west wind. a few showers are possible tuesday with a blustery high around 60. crisp mornings ahead this week with lows in 40s and daytime highs in the 60s. tonight: t-storms ending. low: 55 dewpoint: 49 wind: w 5-15 mph monday: windy and much cooler. high: 66 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and windy with a chance for a few rain showers. am low: 45 high: 60 dewpoint: 43
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from your phone. just download the new fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. a woman is in critical condition after a shooting on milwaukee's west side. police were called to a home near 26th and michigan around 10-45 this morning after a report of a shooting. inside -- they found a 47-year-old woman with a gunshot wound. she police have not said anything about suspects or arrests. an investigation is underway after a drowning at mitchell park lagoon. the milwaukee fire department pulled an adult man out of the lagoon just after 7 o'clock this morning. the man was taken to the hospital -- where he died. investigators say it appears like the victim went into the water without being fit enough to do so... and they don't consider the case to be
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milwaukee... city officials announcing expanded hours and locations earlier this month. the three locations are: the zeidler municipal building -- midtown shopping center on the north side -- and forest home library on the south side. the city expects about 60-thousand voters to cast ballots before the general election in november. early voting dates and hours vary by municipality -- so check with your city if you plan to vote before november 8th. heading into tomorrow night's a marquette law school poll shows hillary clinton's leading donald trump by just two percent in wisconsin. fox six's jenna sachs is live in the newsroom ... with what supporters of both sides are predicting ... jenna. that survey shows 44 percent of likely voters going to clinton.. and 42 percent going to trump.. that's within the margin of error. this ... as a high profile supporter of hillary clinton visited the area
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primary debates ... narrowed the field. now --- comes the first debate of the general election. as the two new yorkers prepare to face off monday ... the mayor of new york ... is milwaukee. go out there with all you got. mayor bill de blasio is campaigning for hillary clinton. incredibly strong, focused person. never gives up, totally tenacious, exactly what you'd want in a leader. de blasio says clinton's challenge in the debate ... will be trump's unpredictability. you can prepare for a debate but no one trump is gonna do. i don't even think donald trump knows what he's going to do until he does it. de blasio says this is a chance for clinton to lay out her vision. she wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, she wants to improve benefits and wages. she wants families to have things like paid family leave and paid sick leave. i think that's what most americans want to hear. he's the one with the ideas and he's the change candidate. thiensville village president van mobley is a long-time donald trump supporter. he's very strong on the basic attributes of life which is, he's going to create an environment that has a lot of opportunities for people to make a good living. he's going to keep you safe. mobley has his own expectations for trump ... i think we'll see
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also see him be presidential. de blasio also visited two churches in milwaukee this morning. the debate is tomorrow night at 8 p-m. we'll have a wrap up right here on fox 6. reporting live in the newsroom. jenna sachs. fox 6 news. you'll be able to watch tomorrow night's debate right here on fox6... coverage begins at 8 p-m. with the presidential race heating up -- both candidates turning their focus to wisconsin... donald trump's running mate -- indiana governor mike pence -- will be in waukesha on tuesday -- visiting weldall manufacturing. then trump himself will be in waukesha on wednesday for a rally at the waukesha county expo center...
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v-p candidate tim kaine -- will be in wisconsin on thursday. and chelsea clinton will be in wisconsin for an organizing event on friday. details on their visits are expected to be released in the coming days. reviving peace in milwaukee... that's the goal of one catholic church. up next.... how they're hoping to get people to take the message from the pews -- the streets. plus... a major league tragedy when a promising pitcher for the miami marlins is killed in a boat accident. how his team is re -- still ahead. plus... a former professional motocross racer finds a new passion -- after a devastating crash forces him to shift gears.
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community support." 15-thousand people packing lincoln memorial drive today for the 18th annual susan g. komen "race for a cure." milwaukees race for the cure event is the largest fundraser for the komen foundation's southeast wisconsin branch -- raising more than 1-million dollars last year. the money treat breast cancer. in the past 17 years -- the milwaukee run has raised more than 14-million dollars -- with 10-million of that staying right here in the area. after days of unrest in the sherman park neighborhood -- all saints catholic church is holding a special service to help milwaukee heal. church members want people to come together as they walk through the doors of the church. but even more important -- is what they do when they walk out of
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catholic church saturday -- a message of peace is more than just words. "we have two ears and one mouth, to listen more" so father tim kitzke wants you to use those two ears to listen -- to what that can sound like. music nats nats: "...common good of being human" but this isn't an ordinary catholic revival. "a time of prayer..." prayer nats "...a time of singing.." music nats "...its taking the initial step that you needed to take sometimes to move towards greater good." as kitzke calls it -- a revival of the human spirit. "first of all realize this is all a gift, everything is a gift, but it's also a gift thats meant to be shared." this "revival for peace" -- quick music nat coming just weeks after the fatal police shooting of sylville smith led
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"first thing we have to do is ask us individually what can i do to make the world a better place. that sounds a like a huge big task but again another proverb i love to quote 55:05 a small act of kindness saves the world" a small act of kindness -- like volunteering at a food pantry, or just helping your neighbors. place and our community is still strong despite what has happened over the past few weeks." so the catholic church is welcoming all people, regardless of faith or background to share a common dialogue... music nats ..or hear a common tune... music nats feel a shared peace. "heard a proverb one time a life lived in fear is a life half lived." and father kitzke says when everyone comes together -- they have nothing to
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says when everyone comes together -- they have nothing to fear. for complete coverage of the unrest in milwaukee -- and efforts to heal in the sherman park neighborhood in the wake of that unrest -- head to our website, fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app -- and click on "links." a hartford man is turning a road block ... into an opportunity. two and a half years ago -- his life changed forever... and it happened in an instant. but as fox six's jenna sachs reports -- these days he's moving full speed ahead witha the last few years ... haven't always been a smooth ride ... for matt maier. fortunate to have some really, really helpful and awesome friends. thankfully matt ... has a history of navigating rough terrain. for ten years ... matt raced motocross professionally throughout the midwest.
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1st 2014 ... at the u-s cellular arena. i ended up breaking my back and becoming a t5 paraplegic. after being launched chest first into the peak of a jump ... matt became paralyzed from the middle of his chest down. pretty much just kept it low key i'd say for the first two years. it didn't take matt long ... to get back behind this wheel. i've you've ever driven a boat you push it forward to go and pull back to decelerate, so my car it's the opposite you push it forward for the break and back for the gas. isn't matt's style. he missed the physical side of motor sports. it felt like there was a part of me that was gone. so matt ... decided to shift gears ... and go full speed ... in a new direction. feeling the throttle and feeling the brakes and you know, getting the real feel is awesome. matt .... is back on the race track. got down to one of my lowest lap times so i was pretty happy about that. matt has been dreaming of burning up tires ... since his recovery in the hospital. two weeks out from my
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of go karts. but it took time to buy a kart ... and order all the right parts. in may ... he got out on the track ... for the first time. the first session was just kind of more of a joyride, where the second time was pushing it, trying to get faster. matt is still training. but wants to start racing next year. trying to go and jump behind some of the faster guys and learn something from them. out on the raceway ... it's hard to distinguish matt ... from any other driver. got down to one of my lowest lap times so i was pretty happy about that. upon close inspection ... you'll notice his kart doesn't have pedals. my feet actually get strapped into the seat where the pedals would be and then i have a jet ski throttle
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is here ... to help with unloading ...prepping the kart ... and getting matt get in and out of the vehicle. some people don't understand it, but if you're a racer you do. when matt spins out ... jamie runs onto the track. this week he's been getting a lot better. he's been gaining some time, a little bit on the track. he's getting a little bit more confident out there. but independence ... is important to matt. last year ... he allowed fox 6 to watch him test a re-walk at fred exoskeleton ... that powered motion in his knees and hips. matt's insurance ... ultimately wouldn't cover the device ... so these days ... he's practicing walking with braces and a walker. it's a really good work out. my upper body's getting stronger every time i do it. walking and racing ... two things that are good for the body ... and the spirit. matt proving ... he's got drive. being back and being competitive, it's something that's a physically demanding sport, it's awesome.
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matt was practicing at the badger raceway in dousman. he also regularly races r-c cars at trackside raceway in brookfield. parts of wisconsin, iowa, and minnesota still dealing with the effects of heavy parts of wisconsin, iowa, and minnesota still dealing with the effects of heavy rain and flooding over the past week... but for some -- problems are still on the way. where 5-thousand people have been asked to evacuate ahead of expected flooding -- next.
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cedar rapids, iowa preparing for floods... with the cedar river rising -- authorities are requesting people in low-lying areas to find high ground tonight. the national weather service predicts the river will crest at 23 feet tuesday morning. people living in about 5-thousand downtown homes have been asked to evacuate -- and it could be days before they can return home. school officials have already canceled classes through wednesday because of the expected flooding. will taper off late this evening. mostly cloudy, windy and cooler monday with a high in the mid-60s and a strong west wind. a few showers are possible tuesday with a blustery high around 60. crisp mornings ahead this week with lows in 40s and daytime highs in
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55 dewpoint: 49 wind: w 5-15 mph monday: windy and much cooler. high: 66 dewpoint: 47 wind: w 15-25 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and windy with a chance for a few rain showers. am low: 45 high: 60 dewpoint: 43 wind: wnw 15-25 mph am low: 47 high: 64 dewpoint: 50 wind: ne 5-15 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 48 high: 65 dewpoint: 51 wind: ne 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. am low: 49
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mostly sunny. am low: 51 high: 68 dewpoint: 50 wind: ne 5-10 mph thousands of jobs could be coming to the milwaukee area. coming up-- the government contract at stake and what it'll take to bring those jobs to the city. there is no cure for his disease. but this man is living every second of his life to the fullest find out why he's "unstoppable", when
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on the eve of milwaukee mayor tom barretts budget address -- theres big news coming out of the largely abandoned manufacturing sector known as 'century city.' the northside complex will be a focal point of the mayors upcoming budget... and tonight... were learning one reason why. the site could soon be home to thousands of new jobs. fox6s bret lemoine has new information. contract will be awarded... if its awarded at all... but it has the potential to create up to 2-thousand jobs. you could call it a 'special delivery' for milwaukees northside.... with potential to not only utilize manufacturing space at century city... kr 'today represents hope; it represents promise.' ...but also to put lots of people to work. tb 'our ultimate goal is to have thousands of people working here.' milwaukee mayor tom barrett
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a huge government contract. tb 'the location thats going to be used for the final assembly will be right here.' rev hopes to land a deal with the u-s postal service to build 180-thousand new mail delivery trucks over a five year period. nat of the buzzer rev is now one of six companies competing for the potential 5-billion dollar contract. if awarde partially dormant century city plant. bl 'this facility is still in use - in fact, for the next couple of months, a contractor for northwestern mutual will still be making windows and exterior structures here.' ts 'i believe very, very strongly that bringing meaningful jobs, long-term jobs into the northside of milwaukee will effect in a very, very positive way, the northside economy of our city.' rev will have until next august to build six prototypes. the company has partnered with a turkish firm to implement hybrid technology in the trucks design. if the u-s-p-s awards the contract in full, it has the potential to create 2-thouasnd jobs in milwaukee. ts 'we build fire trucks,
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shuttle buses - and hopefully in the very near future, white delivery trucks for usps.' the u-s postal service will make a final decision on the contract at the end of 2017... or early 2018. mayor barrett says... expect to hear another announcement about century city during his budget address tomorrow. reporting live on the north side, bl, fox6 news. he has a disease that-at this point- can't be cured. but his attitude toward life, and what he's still able to do go, make him an inspiration. tom pipines goes beyond the game. "it was another great day sailing here for me, it was my second day sailing here at sheboygan this summer i had my first sailing experience in june john
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although it's a different experience now than in the past. "i'm not my body. does that make sense? i'm not essentially tied in to what i can physically do." that's because the former high school teacher and football from hayward, wisconsin is battling a dreaded disease- one for which there's no cure.. actually sail the boat myself, it's an awesome experience to get lifted up there and be free to control the boat on your own." talk about a positive attitude! but those who know this vibrant, energetic outdoor enthusiast, would tell you that's part of his dna! "i'm just doing what i can do. i guess i understand it but you have a choice, i didn't pick to have als but i
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with it. and trust me i put on my poopy pants for a while and that doesn't work very well either because you're still sick at the end of the day so you might as well have as much fun and mess around with everyone as much as you can." not that jackel wasn't devastated when he received his diagnosis "when i got diagnosed it was pretty bleak. i was an athlete and i think i was pretty confused with being who i was, was what i could do physically, i was always a pretty physical active person and the me of that." but it can't rob john of his spirit, and perspective. "i've been diagnosed just over 6 years, so my progression is much slower than most people a lot of people don't make it this long and have as much function as i still do." and thanks to technology jaeckel can continue to sail on. "one thing that als does is that it robs you of control of a lot of things, the muscles you use to feed yourself, to walk, to talk and to eventually
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controlling the sailboat with the rigging they have is awesome because you can use the technology to gain back some of that control. it's a great feeling." indeed, being back in the boat is a blessing. "it was kind of like old times where you get to ride on the boat and chat up people on the boat one of the things i like about sailing with other people is there's a lot of time to really talk, and talk about things we o sailing kind of slows things down for me and you get a chance to connect with people maybe on a different level." john made a pact with his wife deanna to make every moment of his life count..not just for himself, but for others who are in his position. "a normal day for me we are busy quite a bit with the als association of
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fall so not every day but many days i'm working with the folks in hayward that are helping me up there and the als association office to get that on otherwise i spend a lot of time watching sports on tv and reading." these days, john jaeckel lives in rockford, illinois, but if als can't keep him off the water, distance is no big deal. "i'll come up here every chance i get to come sailing." john's involved in an als fundraiser in in hayward. if you'd like to learn more about als, there's information on the links page of our website -- fox six now dot com -- or your fox six news mobile app. today, you had to duck for cover later in the afternoon! our rain today - nothing like what they've seen in the western part of our state. the clean-up going on the in the la crosse area - and the one thing some residents there are being told not to do. first, it was all day breakfast! now, there's another push by fast food giant mcdonalds to bring in more customers and keep regulars happy. what the company plans to at some restaurants starting tomorrow.
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i'll show you how cool and windy it is about to get coming up in your fox6 forecast.
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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set shot bump back w/ tc stars of one sitcom are making the more money than most other t-v actors. plus-- the backstreet boys have signed up for a new gig. details in the buzz, the backstreet boys are calling las vegas their home for part of next year. the group announced they'll hold a "larger than life" residency at casino. the series consists of 18 dates between march first and july first with tickets going on sale next week. band members are promising the show will be an amazing, energetic, fun party stars of the big bang theory are topping forbes list of highest paid actors. jim parsons sits at the top with 25-and- half million dollars earned this year. parson makes a million dollars per episode... along with his co-star johnny
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million dollars earned this year. the next two on the list are also big bang stars... simon helberg and kunal nayyar. actor bill nunn passes away at 63. his wife-- donna-- says he passed away in his pittsburgh home saturday after a battle with cancer. nunn was best known for his role as "radio raheem" in spike lee's "do the right thing." he appeared on dozen of tv shows and films-- including "spiderman" and "sister act." and that's the buzz. we've got cool, windy weather starting off the work week. weather expert tom wachs will have all the details coming up in his forecast. coming up-- rescued from the roof of their car. how these two ended up in what looks like a lake! more than a thousand bikers hit the hank aaron trail today. the milwaukee icon who they rode
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tonight at ten - technology - we rely on it for nearly everthing today and most of us trust it. question much? when it comes to your money, would you trust a robot to take care of it? see why some people do and if you think it's for you! robo-advisers. a contact six report. the last time many of you were at state fair park - you were likely armed with something on a stick - wearing shorts and flip flops but today, there was a fall feel crawly zoo" is replacing the animal barns and pumpkins have replaced cream puffs, new at 10. an all-day breakfast happy meal could soon be coming to mcdonalds... the fast food chain will begin test- marketing in the tulsa, oklahoma area tomorrow. they'll feature two mcgriddle cakes -- or an egg-and-cheese mcmuffin. if
9:47 pm
meals nationwide next year. the breakfast options would be the first entree item added to the happy meal menu in more than 3 decades. a dramatic rescue today in northern england is caught on camera... take a look at this... a pair of tourists were left stranded on the roof of their car after being cut off by the tide at holy island. they were rescued by a royal national lifeboat. the passengers climbed on top of the car as the tide rose around them. warning tourists to check tide times before trying to cross. here in wisconsin -- cleanup beginning this weekend after heavy rain led flooding in the western part of the state. more than 11-inches of rain fell in some areas over the past week. in de soto, red cross volunteers have been out assessing property damage. many homes are a complete loss -- forcing homeowners to stay in shelters. "i try to talk to the people and work with them and say this is serious this is bad, but we need
9:48 pm
on recovery and the next step" the red cross says they are also working to bring in clean drinking water to they area... officials say the water there is contaminated and should not be used. adlib to wx weather lingering showers and t-storms will taper off late this evening. mostly cloudy, windy and cooler monday with a high in the mid-60s and a strong west wind. a few showers are
9:49 pm
crisp mornings ahead this week with lows in 40s and daytime highs in the 60s. tonight: t-storms ending. low: 55 dewpoint: 49 wind: w 5-15 mph monday: windy and much cooler. high: 66 dewpoint: 47 wind: w 15-25 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and rain showers. am low: 45 high: 60 dewpoint: 43 wind: wnw 15-25 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy. am low: 47 high: 64 dewpoint: 50 wind: ne 5-15 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 48
9:50 pm
mostly sunny. am low: 49 high: 67 dewpoint: 51 wind: ne 5-10 mph saturday: mostly sunny. am low: 51 high: 68 dewpoint: 50
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a milwaukee icon and cycling legend is honored today after receiving a serious and devastating health diagnosis. fox6s derica williams shows you how the cycling community rolled out to honor the mn behind "wheel and sprocket" -- and so much more. a mass group of bicyclists words can describe who beautiful this as a sea of yellow prepares to take on the hank aaron trail. nats its all about enjoying the ride with friends more than a thousand plus friends came together for a slow roll bike ride in honor of chris kegel. my dad has always been such a nice guys and nice to every person he meets riders navigated the picturesque terrain toward lake shore state
9:54 pm
the impact kegel, the owner of wheel and sprocket had. my dad has served on some of the founding boards off for all of the big national scale bike advocacy's so peoples for bikes and league of american cyclists. these folks are peddling in support of the bike icon who has his own uphill battle after receiving a devastating diagnosis. its a type of bile duct cancer and we are still learning more. its very aggressive and the treatment options are looking slim named chris kegel day with a proclamation by the milwaukee and west allis mayors. it will really lift his spirit s throughout his more than 40 years or work kegel has touched so many people. thats evident with the number of participants but also the loving notes dedicated to him on these boards. just a great guy loved ones remain hopeful and the family is uplifted. the positivity this man has is infectious. i really think that the love and support we are getting from people is really working were hoping on a miracle
9:55 pm
wonderful guy and hoping to heal him with love derica williams f6n now because of his health, kay-gul kegel was not able to make it for the ride today, but he did meet up with friends at kegel's inn afterward to watch the packers game. for more information on kegel's updates, history and ways you can support him, head to our website, the manhunt is over for the suspect that shot and killed five people at a mall in washint cetin was taken into custody last night. police say he's the sole man responsible for walking into a macy's store friday night-- fatally shooting five people and then vanishing. sheriff's deputies say he was captured when he was spotted walking along the sidewalk-- he didn't try to run. cetin immigrated to the u-s from turkey-- but he is a legal resident. the baseball community is in shock after the death of one of the
9:56 pm
pitcher jose fernandez was killed in a boating accident this morning. his body was found in a 32-foot boat that crashed near miami beach. two others were killed -- but their names have not been released. in a statement -- major league baseball says it's stunned and devastated by the loss of the 24-year- old player. "i think back to seeing that precocious young high school senior in the all star game." "i don't know if there's words to express, you know, how i feel. it's a tremendous loss. my fernandez was born in cuba -- but he defected to the u-s eight years ago. he was later drafted by the marlins and became the franchise's star pitcher. fernandez was a two-time all star and the national league rookie
9:57 pm
fugitive ended an argument with a gun. and it left two people dead. fox6's jonathon gregg shows you the face of a dangerous man still on the run. it's this week's wisconsin's most wanted on a warm july day.... "middle of summer, at a time it's a high traffic area." two milwaukee families were swept away by grief. "july 17th of this year at 12:25 in the afternoon. detectives say an between a group of men. "seven or eight individuals." fighting over, who only knows. eventually gunfire broke through the summer wind, "one of the witnesses saw the suspect shoot one of the victims five times." when it seemed, words were not enough. detectives say 24-year-old terry strickland was later identified by several witnesses as the shooter, the man police say is responsible for fatally wounding two men, near
9:58 pm
of people out on the street at this time." the victims were maurice brown jr. and michael reed. in the moments following the shootout- family and friends flooded the street, strickland avoided capture. "we do believe him to be local or maybe in the chicago area." detectives say terry strickland has spent the rest of the summer in hiding. a man who detectives say has the lowest opinion of life, "unfortunately there has been some cases where people have taken the law into their own hands." a man "and thry to solve their own problems with the use of a firearm." can not be allowed to move among us freely. jonathon gregg fox6 news. terry strickland six-foot-2 and weights 240 pounds. he has dark hair and brown eyes. strickland is wanted on two counts of first degree intentional homicide. police believe he's hiding out in milwaukee, but possibly chicago. if you have any information on his whereabouts call police at
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the packers "finally" got to play a home game-- and they brought it, didn't they? with a win over the lions in the lambeau field opener. almost the entire first half. then it got a little dicey... but hey, pip, a win is a win! ben, kinda like the "season" opener at jacksonville. but aaron rodgers looked like a two- time mvp again, and a defense decimated by injuries did enough to hold off the roaring lions. for the first time in 15 games, number 12 had a quarterback rating of over 100. 129 point 3! davante adams 14 yards...7-0 on a
10:00 pm
tossing 4 touchdown passes in the first half. 2 to jordy nelson who had 6 catches for 101 yards going into the locker room. nothing after. what seemed to get the motor city men started was matthew stafford's 73 yard touchdown toss to marvin jones. jones caught 6 passes balls for 205 yards and 2 tds. rookie josh hawkins victimized. young guys recorded a big sack...made a difference in the 34-27 victory green bay 2 and 1 into the bye. tim van vooren tackles the blitz from titletown. "the packers had a whole bunch of defensive talent against the lions, on the sideline. out with injuries. forcing young players, some of them un-drafted players, into contributing roles. we knew what the challenge was coming in here. we needed our veteran players to step up. we needed our younger players to step up. we had a combination of that today, and


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